3:12 AM

The air was cold and wet that night. She looked at her watch and started counting the remaining hundreds of seconds to 10 while Radiohead was on her stereo. Nothing was on her mind but she knew she felt something that night. Strange, she thought to herself. As minutes turned into seconds, she still couldn't find the word for something which led her to agitation. Incidentally, Thom Yorke tried to calm her down with his melancholic voice singing 'no alarms and no surprises...', she nonchalantly shrugged with a faint sigh.

It was half past ten and something made her mad. Baffled by no answers and something, she knew one thing that could have fixed her predicament; matcha ice-cream. So, she hit the road and got her dessert fixed. She felt better although something was still nothing on her mind. As she stared into the sky, she noticed how sad the sky was and it started pouring. Funny, she thought to herself. She wasn't feeling sad like how she would normally feel whenever it rains but this time, she felt warm inside. She started to cry thinking she must be a mad woman for feeling something but nothing. It rained even heavier and she surrendered herself to the almighty above - drenched - seeking for hope and answers. She was soon put back to reality as her phone alarm went off calling her for bedtime.

Drying up conversations in her head, she knew she felt better than before although something still remained nothing. She didn't ignore nor delete something but instead accepted it as it is. Besides, she was glad to be able to feel something again. After all, it had been awhile. Maybe it was time for her to fix her bleak smile. She used to be a smiley girl until adulthood happened and her favourite band Linkin Park went EDM mainstream. At this point, she wanted to smile again and all she needed was patience and time.

As she got into her car, she was greeted by an unknown message on her phone. It was a short message, rather puzzling. Relieved, she thought to herself. She knew she wasn't crazy but she was indeed a mad person to feel something that she never thought she'd ever felt again.

Okay, she lied.

Crazy was her name and her unknown message read: f23z.

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