2:00 AM

SO lately i got back on the social part of the internet again. BUT I am still kinda dead on Facebook. Died on Instagram a long time ago. Quit Snapchat too. I don't know about these social media channels but they just don't quite work for me except for tumblr, pinterest, twitter and YouTube ( I LOVE YOUTUBE!). I even got myself a channel and a new hobby: vlogging! Yes, i picked up vlogging and film editing (still a noob) after watching Casey Neistat videos. Seriously, that dude is so amazing and such an inspiration to me. He made me do things that i didn't know i am capable of doing like starting a vlog and editing videos and looking at life at a positive 360 angle. Although i am still working on finding that right positive angle. I am pretty happy about my first vlog entry on my trip to Bali back in June this year. Do give it a watch if you're reading this, i hope you enjoy the video. I'll be over the moon if you subscribe to my channel (not that i'm popular in my country nor even the street i'm living at - i feel like i'm talking to myself here because i don't think anyone reads my blog but then again, i'm just gonna enjoy this imagination.) Well, i hope that i will be able to make more videos so my family and friends can watch them and know that i am doing fine and keeping healthy.

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